Purebeau Virgin

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The Purebeau Virgin combines excellent quality, craftsmanship and competitive budgeting for starters and beyond. Powerful and still noiseless, it can be digitally controlled in 3 speeds, soft, natural, and strong.


Colour & Secureness

The Magic Liner is ideally devised for the Purebeau LF-HICON micro-pigments. The integrated colour return safety system provides for optimum hygiene (it complies with the worldwide health requirements, sterilizable in the hot-air sterilizer).


Hubs Per Second

You can choose 3 different speed levels for several application areas.


Made in Germany
quality product from Germany



Precision Drive
for absolute accuracy 
while pigmenting


system for safe working





Additional Information
Hubs per second: 90 - 190.
Colour: Purebeau LF-HICON
Secureness: Integr.
Needle Types: T-Allround 1, 2, 3out, 5, 7, 9; Flach 3, 5, 7, 13.
Hygiene: Hot air sterilisation / instrument disinfection; single way consumables.