Sydney College of Hair & Beauty

We offer a full range of short courses on how to use our products. Our courses are run by Zara Naderi, the official distributor and master trainer for Purebeau Products in Australia. Zara has over 20 years experience teaching her techniques and working internationally. 

Our training is run through Zara's training college - Sydney College of Hair & Beauty (SCHB).  Become an expert and a fully qualified professional.  If you want to kick start your career or improve on your existing skill set we can help! For more course information visit our training site Sydney College of Hair & Beauty  or email us at

Sydney College of Hair & Beauty Our training classes are kept to a maximum of 2-3 students at a time. This way we can ensure that each student receives personalised training and a thorough understanding of the methods and techniques of permanent makeup.

Permanent Makeup Training Sydney