Fibroblast Workshop SYDNEY


Join our workshop for Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening and start earning more.  

This treatment has grown rapidly in popularity over the last 2 years since its introduction to the Australian market and is capable of many different applications including:

  • wrinkle reduction
  • skin tag removal
  • scar treatment
  • spot removal
  • lip lifting
  • eye lifting
  • stretch marks

Fibroblast is a non-invasive treatment which works by shrinking the surface of the skin. By placing points in different areas it is possible to lift the upper eyelid and tighten the surrounding skin. Although the eye is the most popular area to treat it is also possible to treat other areas such as : upper lip, forehead, crows feet, stomach, scars and more. 

How it Works :

Fibroblast Plasma - How it Works 

Our workshop focuses on teaching the following techniques:

  • dot method (as shown above) to target specific wrinkles and lifting
  • spray method to tighten larger areas 
  • rejuvenate method to treat the texture of the skins surface
  • skin tag & spot removal 

Treatments prices start from $350 and can range up to $1500 per area of treatment.

PACKAGE 1 : $6950 - includes training and TRS device

PACKAGE 2 : $6750 - includes training & Elite Device

PACKAGE 3 : $4900 - includes training & Thunder Device

PACKAGE 4 : $5100 - includes training & Be Lifted Device

PACKAGE 5 : $950 - includes training only


Inquire today to learn more about our workshop packages and availability. We also have interest free payment plans available so you can start learning now and pay later.


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