Purebeau mobile 01 with Laser

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With the new PUREBEAU Mobile 01 pigmentation is not only mobile but even more comfortable.

This year too, PUREBEAU sets new standards in terms of technology. With the new PUREBEAU Mobile 01, it is not only possible to perform pigmenting with complete mobility, it can be done more conveniently too.

Programmes for all areas of permanent make-up application can be activated via a touch screen, i.e. needle speeds are perfectly tuned to the respective task. Moreover,the new device includes a laser that soothes the skin and aids the healing process.

Call up a program by touchscreen:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyelid line
  • Lips
  • Medical pigmentation

Tone & tonability
The navigation in the submenu of each application is easily understandable and allows you to choose between line drawing and drawing of shadings. Celerity and needlehub can be optimally adapted.

Constant working
The PUREBEAU Mobile 01 guarantees perfect various speed levels without any fluctuations, unlimited quiet barrel and maximum accuracy. The sophisticated technology enables quiet accurate and effective working and there is hardly reworking.

Optimum flexibility of cable and optimum performance. An easy corrugation guarantees that the pigmentation pen keeps under your control.
Application areas:

  • Micro pigmentation
  • Permanent make-up
  • medical pigmentation

Attendance & hygiene 
The sophisticated hygiene system (integrated return protection) of the handpiece TRS 250 only requires normal cleaning with equipment disinfectant. All consumable like needles, needle nozzles and pigments can be used just one time and must be discarded after treatment.

Needle types
Laser-welded, custom-fitted all-round T-needles and flat needles made of stainless steel, no abrasion or other factors causing allergological reactions. Very flexible and fine.

Colour & secureness

Ideally devised for the Purebeau LF-HICON micro-pigments. The integrated colour rewind safety system provides for optimum hygiene (it complies with the worldwide health requirements, sterilizable in the hot-air sterilizer).

Hubs per second
Perfectly adjustable to several fields of application, digitally controlled speed levels. High precision run to achieve absolutely accurate pigmentation (no speed fluctuation or turbelant running).


Made in Germany
quality product from Germany


Intelligent Control System


system for safe working


Precision Drive
for absolute accuracy 
while pigmenting



Perfect Power for all work stages



Additional Information
Hubs per second: 120 - 250.
Colours: Purebeau LF-HICON.
Secureness: Integr. Colour rewind safety system.
Needle types: T-Allround 1, 2, 3out, 5, 7, 9; Flach 3, 5, 7, 13.
Hygiene: Hot-air sterilization / instrument disinfection; one-way consumables.