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 Welcome to PUREBEAU Australia!

Purebeau is a German manufacturer of high quality Cosmetic Tattoo Machines ,Needles, and Pigments. PUREBEAU products are held in high esteem internationally as some of the finest and most precisely engineered products and machines available in the field of Permanent Makeup and Micro pigmentation. Purebeau products are suitable for the following applications:

  • paramedical (patients who suffer from alopecia, vitiligo, mastectomy)
  • cosmetic tattooing
  • scar camouflage (skin and scalp)
  • micro pigmentation
  • permanent makeup (eyebrows, eyes, and lips)
  • microblading (eyebrow feather stroke)
  • colour removal & colour correction


The Purebeau Method:

The esteemed PUREBEAU method is the result of a simple objective: achieve the best quality. This claim ,combined with the curiosity, and research of a company that develops its products for forward-thinking and powerful solutions, is what keeps PUREBEAU ahead of other brands. The PUREBEAU method consists of three areas: technology, colours, and training. Our Success is generated from the coordinated interaction of these areas.

PUREBEAU colours

Suitable colour management for every skin type.

A natural look starts at PUREBEAU with a perfectly matched colour combination.

All PUREBEAU colors and micro pigments are subject to strict controls and meet the highest quality requirements. All colour and Micropigment products are dermatologically tested, allergy-tested and hypoallergenic tested. 
There is no risk load in medical and especially radiological examinations (CT). 
All ingredients are held to the highest purity requirements

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PUREBEAU technology

High quality, stable handpieces.

High precision lines come from a stable machine, perfectly engineered for impressive results.  Our handpieces are designed to minimise pigment waste and to be well balanced for optimal stability. 

High powered, reliable devices.

Our devices are all aluminium, designed for easy cleaning and optimal hygiene. Simple and intuitive controls ensure that our systems are easy to use. 

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PUREBEAU training

Become a Purebeau Master.

Learn the very latest techniques in micro pigmentation from our master trainer, Sara. 

Sara has over 20 years experience in the beauty industry and has worked and trained overseas in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Turkey and Iran.

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Made in Germany
quality product from Germany


Intelligent Control System


system for safe working


Precision Drive
for absolute accuracy 
while pigmenting



Perfect Power for all work stages